CAMRD Facilities and Equipment


CAMRD MRI System: A 3 Tesla Siemens Medical Systems "Trio" MR imaging/spectroscopy instrument is housed in the 3250 square foot Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Development (CAMRD) dedicated to research and development of MR applications. Of particular note is the exceptional homogeneity of the research system, less than 0.038 ppm (peak-to-peak measure) over a 20 cm diameter volume. In addition, gradient eddy currents are well controlled by gradient pre-emphasis and a gradient coil of actively self-shielded design. The latest design water cooled gradient amplifiers have been implemented to provide 40.0 mT/m gradient strength, rise times as short as 200 microseconds and excellent gradient stability. The acquisition and pulse sequence interface available are flexible, permitting operator control of all parameters in both imaging and spectroscopy sequences. The pulse sequence software (IDEA and ICE) is available for a variety of modifications of specific pulse sequences. In addition, in-house developed hardware allows flexible cardiac, respiratory and combined gating, hydrogen (or other nuclei) decoupling, in magnet exercise with biofeedback, stimulation (visual, aural, olfactory, taste). A variety of local coil technology is available including phased array coils for imaging.


MRI Data Processing Computers: A fully featured "Leonardo" Siemens Medical Systems image display and analysis workstation is situated in close proximity to the CAMRD Siemens Trio system. A number of other workstations and data processing computers are available within CAMRD and all of the workstations and MRI systems are attached to an extensive, campus wide network. A PC computer is available that has eFilm available for creating data disks and Analyze 7.0 for image processing.  This computer is also equipped with the Siemens pulse sequence programing environment (IDEA) as well as the Siemens reconstruction code environment (ICE).


RF Coil Development Facilities: A well equipped RF laboratory exists in CAMRD with a HP 4639 Network/Spectrum Analyzer equipped with 85046A S-Parameter Test Kit, HP basic, high stability frequency reference, time gated spectral analysis and assorted reference standards, active probes (to 800 MHz) and test fixtures. In addition an HP 4193A Vector Impedance Analyzer, HP 54540A Digitizing Oscilloscope (4 Channels, 2Gsa/s), 3 HP 435 Analog Oscilloscopes, four PTS 160 frequency synthesizers, HP8648 Signal Generator, HP 552A Oscillator, HP 34970A Datalogger with 20 channel MUX, RF MUX and Digital IO board, HP 33120 function generator with arbitrary waveform software, HP E3631A power supply, 2 Techron 7520 power supplays and other assorted general RF equipment is available such as capacitance meters, soldering irons and electronic tools. Fabrication of other hardware can be accomplished through the Physics Department shop, the Surgical Shop and the Orthopedics Shop.