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The Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Development (CAMRD) is a research facility of the Department of Radiology at the Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). The main resource of the center is a whole-body, commercially manufactured 3 Tesla (Trio, Siemens Medical Systems) MR Imaging and Spectroscopy System with full research capability. It is housed in close proximity to the clinical MR systems of the Department of Radiology in the Radiology Wing of DUMC Hospital. The Center is fully equipped to perform clinical and research MR imaging or spectroscopy studies on humans or large animals. A full range of monitoring, anesthesia, rf coil development, computer and instrumental control facilities as well as MR research technologists and physics/chemistry consultation are available to Department of Radiology researchers and their collaborators. 


The 3 Tesla Siemens Trio MRI/MRS System in the CAMRD Facility

Non-invasive Fluorine-19 Images of Normal Human Lung Air Spaces